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Group class to On Site to remote client

Phil S.

Working with Sean has transformed my fitness and health. I started “CrossFit”-ing solo in 2007. Eventually joined the group classes at SBSC in 2010, and finally moved to On Site programming with Sean in 2012. When I came to SBSC, I thought I knew a lot about fitness and I was skeptical that I needed any help. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for On Site individualized programming with Sean when I injured my hand (outside of the gym), and wanted help training around the injury. That was four years ago. The results I got from Sean’s programming was so immediate and so impressive — even while I was limited by an injury — that I’ve been with him ever since.

Sean and the guys at SBSC bring something special to the table. First, they’re really experts. They’re passionate about what they do, and it shows. The fitness world is full of so-called “trainers,” who get by with some enthusiasm and a shallow knowledge of how to execute various exercises. There’s a world of difference when you’re working with someone who has a deep understanding of how to build a training program.

Second, Sean’s programming is highly individualized. Sean’s programming is highly tailored to my goals and my life. I’m often a difficult client. The demands of my profession and family, at times, made a rigorous and regular workout schedule impossible. Sometimes I workout three times a weeks, sometimes four, sometimes 45 minutes, and sometimes an hour and a half. Sometimes I’m sleeping well and my stress is under control — and sometimes not. Sean’s programming is tailored not just to my fitness goals, but also to where I am in my life at each particular point of time, and how much time and energy I can devote to my fitness goals. And the programming is constantly evolving. Sean is constantly adjusting week-to-week — sometimes even day-to-day — based on how I’m responding to the workouts.

Two years ago I moved away from Baltimore and I’ve since worked with Sean as my Remote Coach. At first, I had a little trepidation about working with a coach I didn’t see in person, but the transition to remote coaching has been seamless. We are in virtually constant contact through the Fitbot app, email, and occasionally Skype. Sean can see exactly what I’m doing and how I’m responding to each workout and each exercise. When I have questions or he sees an issue in my workout, I hear from him immediately — usually within a few hours. We are even starting to take video of some exercises so Sean can check my form.

Deciding to work with Sean was one of the best things I ever did for my fitness and health. I’m an attorney, and we have a saying: “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Turns out, that’s also true when it comes to your fitness and health!

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